Introducing an Ambassabor

Introducing our ambassador snake, Little Giver!

Giver is a red rat snake (Pantherophis guttatus), a native snake that is commonly found in southwest Florida. These guys are semi arboreal, spending time up in the trees, hunting frogs, birds, and bird eggs. However, as their name suggests, their favorite prey are rats and mice. Snakes play an important role in the ecosystem, by controlling the rodent population.

Red rat snakes are also commonly called “corn snakes”, due to the pattern of the scales on their belly. This was the inspiration for our little buddy’s name. Little Giver is the corn spirit from Seminole and Miccosukee mythology. This dwarf god appeared to people to present them with a gift of corn.

Our Little Giver makes appearances to educate people about the wildlife of the western Everglades and to help them overcome the negative attitude towards snakes. He is just a year old, so he isn’t fully grown; he should grow to be between five and six feet long. Corn snakes are found naturally living in pinelands, hardwood hammocks, and swamps. Due to their adaptable and tolerant nature, they are also found in agricultural fields and residential areas. If you see a snake in your backyard, don’t worry! They have no interest in you or your home, only the rodents that are hanging around your yard.

We at Wild Heart Ecojourneys hope that you can appreciate any glimpse of these elusive and secretive hunters!

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